My L4C Mission as Pirate Cat

Hi! I am Pirate Cat!

Thanks so much for dropping by!

Looking 4 Challenges has been designed as an alternate way to locate card & paper 
challenges. We're small and run by one operator, me. 
L4C is meant to be fun and ...

inspire you to 
choose a challenge 
by an enlightening 
game image. 

I try to post the usual gang of challenges that promote a game image, but I also include new and little challenges simply because they are cute and new. Anyone may be on the list- just promote a game image in your game post for me to grab and email me once to start.

For some blogs, I create an image to portray the blog game- just for OUR fun. Please always check the challenge blog for it's rules to play and whether or not they have the same image I'm using. (I leave asterisk's when I create the image)

If you would like to have your challenge blog included in this registry, please email me at
victorialavender(at)yahoo(dot)com or leave a note at 
Pirate Cats L4C Comments Page (HIGHLY SUGGEST THIS METHOD)

Anyone wandering around and sees an image on their own challenge mentioned, and would like to use the image I conjured up- just "take" it. And please drop me a note that you've found me and what you think about your blog being noted here.

It's all meant to be easy, visual and fun. Let's make cards today!

Cheers, Pirate Cat
aka Victoria Lavender